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  • How do I join?
    Yeay, we´re stoked to hear you are intrested to join! It takes two to tango so lets meet up and get to know one another. Send an email or check out
  • How can we serve your business?
    SiNIX GROUP is a constellation of expert consulting companies, all clearly niched in their field of specialization. We´re quite the opposite to slowpokes, soreheads and amateurs! We´ll make sure to make your solution and business better, bolder, safer and more efficient through our experts. Just let us know your challenge and you´ll get our honest response if and how we can serve you.
  • Do you have an office and where is it?
    In Gothenburg, Sweden. UNi3, Pumpgatan 1, 417 55 Göteborg ...and in Frankfurt, Germany. But ready to scale up where ever you are in the world!
  • SiNIX Upcoming what is that?
    We always keep an open spot for the upcoming SiNIX company. We´ll give you the support you need to scale up, be successful, and have a great time building a niched tech company together with us. You´re a true expert in a new area for SiNIX where you want to devote both your time and heart.
  • We think different!
    Yes we do, and we think you already know that we do.
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